Five Easy steps from Fear to Confidence

Five Easy steps from Fear to Confidence

We are hard wired for fear. It keeps us safe. The amygdala part of our brain kicks in to get us to run for our lives or stand up & fight.
The problem is we often stay in that fight – flight – freeze mode.
Our thoughts imagine the worst & frighten the hell out of us. We believe these thoughts.
If we take a moment to realise it is simply our thoughts & because we have control over them (yes we do!!) – we can change them.

Here are five steps to take to help get you from fear to confidence.

1. Body Awareness

  • Take a moment to get in touch with your body.
  • Plant your feet firmly on the ground. Feel the earth beneath your feet strong & solid.
  • Take a moment to feel where in your body you feel this fear.
  • Notice if it has a shape, a colour, and size.
  • Now take a moment to breathe into the fear.

2. Question your Thoughts

  • Give your thoughts a voice.
  • What are they saying to you? How are they trying to protect you?
  • When you have these thoughts how does it make you feel?
  • How would you be different without these thoughts?

3. Dance like Nobody is Watching

  • Just imagine what it would be like to not have the fear. How would you think & feel?
  • See yourself behaving in this confidant devil may care mode. Nobody is criticising or judging you. It is just you being your authentic self.

4. Fake it till you make it.

  • Pretend this is really happening to you.
  • Notice what happens in your body. Feel the lightness & confidence.
  • Each time the fear comes remember this feeing & go back to it till you consistently resonate with this feeling.

5. Gratitude & Visualisation

  • Every morning before you get out of bed, give yourself time to give gratitude for all the good things that are happening to you. Try to find new things to feel grateful for.
  • Visualise your day the way you would like it to be seeing yourself being the new confidant you.

EFT is an extremely effective way to overcome fear.

Feel free to contact me to show you how quickly & easily you can attain this new found confidence that is sustainable.