Goal Setting and Resolution

Goal Setting & Resolution

Why is it that New Year’s resolution mostly don’t work?
We plan to lose weight, earn a certain amount of money, spend more time with our family, cut down on drinking, exercise more, and so on.
We resolve to do these inspiring things in our lives knowing that if we did them our lives would improve considerably.
All well & good, but unless we act, it is just a nice thought.

This is where goal setting comes into play. For goal setting to work it needs to be broken down into achievable bite size bits. Otherwise it just becomes lost in the busyness of our lives.

Here are some things to do to help achieve your goals & resolutions.

1. Visualise.

Spend some time alone just thinking about what it is you really want. Everything starts with an idea. See yourself achieving your dream. Get all your senses involved.
How will you feel once this has been achieved?
Once you feel excited about this dream it is time to take the next step.

2. Stepping Stones.

Set yourself mini deadlines. What do you need to achieve in a week, month, three months, six months?
What steps need to be put into place to achieve this?
Once achieved, how can you reward yourself?

3. Post it

Stick “post it” in strategic places, like the fridge, your computer, bathroom mirror, reminding yourself on what needs to be achieved each day.

4. List

Devise a system for yourself on what needs to be achieved each day in order of importance.
Mark them 1 – 2 – 3 or A –B – C
Work through the number ones or A first. Once those are ticked off move to number 2 or B & then onto three or C.

However, unless action is taken it is just a nice idea.

It really is useful to have a coach to help you to crystallise your ideas & to inspire you to reach your goals.

If you would like some help, call to make an appointment for a FREE goal setting session.